Principal’s Message

Dear visitor,

VSG International school is a co-educational day school located at Navsari in the southern part Of Gujarat in India .VSG  is setup with a very genuine objective to enlighten the minds of tender kids. We through education emphasize to imbibe internal values in students character.Being provost of the school I take keen interest to co-relate the academic curriculum with co-curricular activities. This acts as a bridge to connect student’s comprehensive skills and imaginations to give proper shape .My prowess stay inculcate sociability phase for learning new things through modern techniques and goal centered motivation to the students. They are like a preacher who teaches and creates a student friendly environment for learning. We adapt scientific method so that the future citizens can emboss themselves with innovations and inventions.

Rating much importance to fulfill the requirement of the community And educational world, various programmers like dramas, National celebrations,Dances, Annual functions, karate are the bases where parents admire their children performing arts.Our educational system helps to glitter ourselves and our Conscience. A keen check is kept in our institution so that the real goal (Motto of Education can be achieved .We also provide a platform to students, to get a space to broaden their wings of talent in the educational sky. We set our a creative platform for a particular student him/her ease to move on that part.

We believe that education molds the child for bright future and for better living .It polishes the inherent talent of the child and brings out the best of it Education enables the child to enroll him/her in various activities which can place them to the desired places. It is well said that “A Nation can prosper with the key of Education “. So I believe that if each and every school paces to glide in this manner. Surely we Indians can change the future of India and can help to float the Glory of India.
Jay Hind.


Santosh Kumar Nishad
(M.A. – English, M.Ed. –  Education, Ph.D – Pursuing)
VSG International School (CBSE), Navsari